How to Learn Quran at Home?

How to Learn Quran at Home?

Learning and Reading the Holy Quran is the most important factor of Islam for a Muslim. Firstly, you have to understand either you want to learn Quran grammatically or It’s meaning for which it was revealed.

If your question is about learning Quran Grammatically, then its answer is yes, you can learn Quran by yourself Grammatically at home by different sources.

But if your question is about learning Quran about its meaning and Tafseer, then its answer is no, you can’t learn and Understand Quran’s Tafseer and meaning by yourself. Prophet (blessings and peace of Allah be upon him) said: “The best of you are those who learn the Qur’an and teach it.” [Bukhari 5027]. So it is important for a Muslim to Learn about Quran’s teaching. But teaching Quran to others is not necessary for every Muslim. Because teaching the Quran is a communal obligation (Fard Kifaayah).

1. Learning Quran Grammatically | For Reading:

Quran revealed in the Arabic language. So, if you are an Arabian it will be a little bit easier for you to learn and read it. If you already know Arabic. But if you are not Arabic speaking, then you need to struggle to learn it. But there is no worry to learn it in this modern age of the Internet.

Learning Arabic:

You can learn Arabic online like, https://learningquranonlinebd.com. It is not difficult to learn at home. You just need to give it proper time with concentration. You can learn to read the Arabic language within a few days or months depending on your learning ability. You can buy any Arabic learning book from the library. Because you are reading this article in English, you can buy a book which is in English. After learning the Arabic language, you will be able to read the Quran.

Quran Available in Different Languages:

Holy Quran with selected verses translated in more than 114 languages and the complete book is translated in more than 47 languages of the world. So, you can read Quran in your own language or in English in which you are reading this article.

Pronouncing Quran with Tajweed correctly:

There is a little trouble while reading Holy Quran correctly. Reading Holy Quran with Tajweed is necessary. For this purpose, you can take a free online course or can download a mobile app to follow the instructions. After that, you can consult with a Shaykh or Qari to make sure you are doing right.

For this purpose, you have to prepare yourself mentally and physically. Some suggestions are listed here:

  • Make a decision to Learn
  • Prepare Environment
  • Arrange Pen and Paper for notes

Fully understand these things to learn reading Holy Quran:

Phonetics, The Arabic Alphabet, Arabic Diacritics, Letters Forms, Vowels, Sukun, Shaddah, Madd – Lengthening, Shaddah with Tanween, Laam rules, AlifulWasl rules and Characteristics of the Quranic writing. Heavy and light letters, Rules of Noon Saakin and Tanween, Rules of Meem Saakin, Qalqala, Laam in the exalted name of Allah, Letter Raa rules, Madd – Lengthening rules, Stopping at the end of words, The Qualities of the letters.

2. Learn Meaning and Teachings of Holy Quran:

If you are a teenager or above and want to learn the actual meaning and teachings of the Quran for which it was revealed. You need an authentic and expert teacher who can help you to learn the Holy Quran perfectly. Quran is the Last book revealed on Last Prophet Muhammad (blessings and peace of Allah be upon him). It is very vast in its meaning and teaching. There are too many hidden and indirect verses and topics. An uneducated person who is not familiar with the teachings of Islam could not understand its real meaning on his own. So, it is very important to have an authentic Muslim teacher for the teachings of the Holy Quran.

Self-studying is always a time-consuming job and ends up with several misconceptions. And when we talk about learning Quranic lessons, it becomes more difficult to understand without a teacher. Therefore, you must join an institute or online class from an authentic teacher for this purpose. A source from where you can ask a question and can get an answer immediately. So when learning of Al-Quran, a little mistake can turn the meaning upside down. It is never recommended to learn and understand Al-Quran without a teacher.

Other books that are written by humans, could be understood by a common person. But, the Holy Quran is written by Allah (SWT) and needs to understand it by a Muslim scholar. Muslim scholar’s learning hierarchy ends up to Last Prophet Muhammad (blessings and peace of Allah be upon him). And the Prophet has knowledge from Allah (SWT). If you don’t pronounce any letter correctly, you are going to change its meaning, it is a sin which we don’t want to do. So, for reading it correctly with Tajweed it is important to learn it first from a teacher.

Will Raise Different Questions about Quran:

When you read Holy Quran, different types of questions will be raised in your mind. You will have thought and want to argue with someone on that topic. At that time, you will feel that there should be a Muslim scholar who can answer my questions. If you will have a teacher, then you can ask any question about the topic. Some Arabic words have more than one meaning.

Memorizing Quran is obviously a tough job. A man who memorize the Holy Quran and can read it without seeing is call Hafiz al Quran.

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